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Pet Sitting Services include:

  • Walking
  • Feeding
  • Much Needed Attention/Playtime
  • Administer Medications
  • Clean Litter Boxes
  • Trip to Vet or Groomer

Other complimentary services include:

  • Picking up mail and newspapers
  • Watering plants
  • Take trash or recycling to curb
  • Other services as needed, just ask!



Walking one of the dogs

Standard in-home pet visit

Eliminate the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet while on vacation, a business trip, weekend away, etc.

  • 30 minute visit: $17
  • 2-30 minute visits in the same day: $34 (standard for dogs)
  • More than two pets: $3 additional charge per pet
  • Holiday visits: additional $10

Dog Walk

Is it hectic racing home on your lunch hour and need someone to walk your dog while you’re at work? We’re here to help!

  • 30 minutes: $17
  • More than two pets: $3 additional charge per pet

Trip to Veterinarian or Groomer

Need help picking up or dropping off your pet when you are busy or have no time to leave work?

  • One way trip: $15
  • Vet visit: $30

Visit our detailed services rates for more information!


Payment is expected at the time of service


Private Obedience Training

Puppy Consultation – $30

Our one-hour puppy consultation is designed to help puppy owners get personal coaching, including a full set of handouts, on raising their puppy.  These personalized, in-depth consultations can cover all the puppy raising challenges such as:

  • Housetraining, crate training, mouthing/chewing.
  • Hygiene, handling/restraint, feeding, socialization.
  • Overall reinforcement, behavior management and modification (stopping “stealing”, jumping, etc.).
  • Beginning puppy obedience.

Private Obedience Sessions – $25/hour, $15/half hour

Private obedience sessions are an ideal solutions for a family who:

  • May not be able to come to group classes due to scheduling
  • Has a dog who is too “aggressive” towards other dogs or may be a too shy to join a group class
  • Has specific obedience issues they’d like to focus on
  • Just brought home a new puppy or dog and need immediate help getting settled in (house & crate training, mouthing & chewing issues, etc.)
  • Or just prefer one-on-one attention

The sessions and number of sessions can be customized to fit your needs.

Every dog should be trained basic obedience commands such as the following:

  • Emergency Recall
  • “Look” or “Watch Me”
  • “With Me” or “Heel” – Leash training
  • “Leave It”
  • “Drop It” or “Release”
  • “Sit”
  • “Lay Down”
  • “Stay”
  • “Wait”
  • “Come”
  • “Stop”

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